How to Get Away With Murder Returns to TGIT in February 2016

By Derek Wong | Dec 30th, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder will return on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 11 10|9c.  In the Winter Finale, Episode 9 "What Did We Do?", we were left on a cliffhanger when Annalise is dropped off at the Emergency Room.  Shortly after, Frank drops off a knocked-out Catherine in the middle of the woods, where she is found by the police.  Annalise's master plan is to pin the murder of Associate District Attorney Emily Sinclair on Catherine.  But Annalise's plan goes awry when she can't get anyone to shoot her in the leg.  She is finally able to convince Wes to shoot her after she tells him that Rebecca is dead.  Here are 5 burning questions we want answers for when Season 2 of How to Get with Murder returns to TGIT in February.

1. What did Annalise and Eve do to Wes' mother?
2. Will the Keating Five ever get back together following what happened?
3. Can Annalise pin everything that happened on Catherine?
4. Will Wes ever speak to Annalise ever again?
5. Did Philip and Catherine plot the murder of her parents?

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Watch Annalise Convince Wes to Shoot Her

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