Played by Matreya Scarrwener
Character Biography

Dora is one of those geeky-but-cool geeks who's insanely passionate about well, all her geeky interests. She's a straight C- student and completely fine with that. Dora doesn't want to be popular or wear what's "in." She just wants to build battle bots and re-listen to her Gilda Radner comedy albums. She's highly judgmental of those who don't share her opinions – so most people. But beneath her tough exterior she secretly – and deep deep down - wants a little more "social" in her life, but is too proud to come out and admit it.

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Actor Biography

Matreya grew up surrounded by theater and started acting when she was 14. After only her first audition, she booked a lead role on the successful children's horror TV show "R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour." She played a sexually exploited teen on the gritty cop drama "The Killing" and the sad, preppy cheerleader Cindy Makey on "Spooksville." Later, Matreya played the on-going role of Sheila, a brainwashed zealot on Stephen Spielberg's "Falling Skies," which was originally was written as an one-episode part. On ABC's hit drama "Once Upon a Time," she played the iconic Dorothy Gale.

Matreya had a series regular roles on the critically acclaimed western drama "Strange Empire" as well on UP TV's "Ties That Bind" the following year.

Also a popular, award-winning theatre actress, Matreya played Halley Armstrong in "Armstrong's War" and C in Morris Panych's "The Waiting Room," which earned her "Best Young Actress in a Theatre Production" at the Joey Awards.

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