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Protecting children in a deadly tornado, a catastrophic car accident, a violent hostage crisis in a maternity ward… It can happen anywhere at any time -- in an instant, life can change forever and that moment will define who you are. In an Instant does more than just re-tell heart pounding first-person accounts of the world's most harrowing tales of survival, it brings them to life with breathtaking dramatizations of the moment before and after life was forever changed.

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season 3

    S3 E1 Whiteout

    While traveling to Idaho, a couple gets stranded in white out conditions with their infant child after their pickup truck gets stuck in the snow.

    06/03/17Season 3NR
    S3 E2 Deliver Us From Evil

    A young woman spends years in a cult in rural Minnesota before seizing the opportunity to escape and help put the leader behind bars.

    06/03/17Season 3NR
    S3 E3 Lost in Snow

    A plow driver unknowingly dumps piles of snow on top of a fort with two children inside, burying them alive.

    06/17/17Season 3NR
    S3 E4 Terror in the Library

    When a schizophrenic veteran armed with a gun and a bomb takes hostages at a public library in Salt Lake City, he doesn't realize one of the captives is a law enforcement professional, which ultimately leads to his undoing.

    06/24/17Season 3NR
    S3 E5 Match Made in Hell

    A Las Vegas woman is attacked and left for dead by a man she met online.

    07/01/17Season 3NR
    S3 E6 Frozen on the Mountain

    A man and his friend become trapped in an unexpected blizzard while hiking in the San Bernadino National Forest.

    07/08/17Season 3NR
    S3 E7 Home Invasion Horror

    An Ohio banker's family is held hostage by gunmen determined to rob a bank without ever setting foot inside.

    07/15/17Season 3NR
    S3 E8 The Woman Who Refused to Die

    When high school junior Melissa Dohme met Robert Burton, she thought she'd met the guy of her dreams. Little did she know, he would try to kill her - more than once.

    12/29/17Season 3NR
    S3 E9 Fire on the Mountain

    An out of control wildfire in Northern California threatens the lives of residents and emergency responders.

    08/04/18Season 3NR