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Harrison Ford and Chewbacca Feud Settled With the Help of Adele

By Jimmy Kimmel Live | Nov 24th, 2015

Harrison Ford and Chewbacca made amends last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  In the past, Harrison and Chewbacca had a dispute during one of Harrison's interviews.  Harrison Ford will be in the upcoming movie Star Wars VII:The Force Awakens.  Although we couldn't understand Chewbacca's language, Harrison was quick to call out that "it was my wife", which makes us wonder what exactly Chewbacca did to her.

During last night's show, Jimmy hears sirens outside the studio.  He goes outside to see what was going on.  From the front of his building, Jimmy notices that Chewbacca is at the top of the building threatening to jump.  Jimmy tells Chewbacca "Don't jump, you have too much to live for."  Harrison Ford appears at the scene and instead of helping he tells Chewbacca he should jump off the building.  Jimmy calms down Harrison and tells him her should do something.  We then see Harrison and Chewbacca looking at their past activities set to Adele's "Hello" song track.  Find out what happens following Adele's powerful song.

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