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Kimmel Asks People to React to Martin Luther King Jr.’s Donald Trump Endorsement

By Jimmy Kimmel Live | Jan 20th, 2016

Donald Trump may have just received a ringing endorsement from Sarah Palin, but Jimmy Kimmel was out to hear what people thought about Trump’s other “major endorsement.” Somehow, these folks out on Hollywood Boulevard seem to be under the impression that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. endorses Donald Trump. Obviously, MLK can’t endorse anybody, let alone Donald Trump, but that didn’t stop anyone from sharing his or her opinion. Here’s a special Lie Witness News – MLK Day edition From the Monday, January 18, 2016 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live

Fernando, one many confused people we talked to, claims he has MLK’s back: “Congratulations Martin Luther King—if you support Donald Trump, then that’s the right thing to do.” And then there’s the woman who, among other things, claims her brother has seen Malcolm X on Martha’s Vineyard. You’ll have to hear it for yourself.

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