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Watch Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Work Through Their Differences in Couples Therapy

By Jimmy Kimmel Live | Sep 29th, 2015

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have a long standing feud that has lasted over a dacade.  On Monday Night, Jimmy and Matt went to couples therapy to see if they could work through their issues.  The two worked with the doctor to talk about their situation, their past history, Matt's physical appearance, the zoo Matt bought and how they can work on their relationship moving forward.

Matt wanted to be on the show to promote his latest movie The Martian.  In order to get on stage, Matt Damon posed as Dr. Phil and used some confusing slangs.  Jimmy was unhappy and spoke about what he promised Matt at the couples therapy session.  Jimmy promised that he'd only try and get Matt on tonight's show.  When Matt questions it, Jimmy propses they review their recorded therapy session.  Matt is against it because he thought it'd be a "private session."  To which Jimmy replied, "there was a camera crew in the room. How private did you think it was?" 

In the tape, Dr. Kim Canter Burger is sitting with Jimmy as he describes how he wants to allow Matt back into his life.  Once Jimmy is ready, the doctor grabs Matt who is waiting just outside the door.  She asks them to explain what their situation is.  Matt opens up first describing the problem "He's promised me for over a decade that I'd be a guest on the show."  Matt revealed that he's been waiting in a room each at Jimmy Kimmel Live for over a decade.  To which the doctor asked "have you ever considered not showing up?"  Matt was puzzled and stated, "but I'm a scheduled guest on the show."  Jimmy reinforces the fact that once he's listed in the show, he has to be there.

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Jimmy expressed the fact that he's trying to get Matt on the show but there are other priorities and guests.  He adds that Matt feels the world revolves around him.  The doctor asks Jimmy to imagine what it's like to be Matt.  Jimmy states, "I would imagine that it would suck to be him."  Jimmy attacks Matt's appearance and how it doesn't fit in as a "movie star."

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Another issue brought up during the session was the fact Matt bought a zoo for them.  Jimmy told the doctor that he doesn't even like animals.  Matt stated "I just bought the zoo because I wanted to build something with him and shart it and nurture it and watch it grow"  This was a nod to Matt's previous movie "We Bought a Zoo."

Matt talked about taking over Jimmy's show and watched the ratings skyrocket.  Matt had previously taking over Jimmy Kimmel Live by duct taping Jimmy to a seat and had him sitting in the background as he hosted the show.  Jimmy felt the same way Matt feels on a daily basis "minus the duct tape."

At the end of the session, Matt and Jimmy made ammends and agreed to hug it out.  Their awkward hug turned destrcutive as they never let go even as they exited the doctor's office.

From the September 28th Episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live with guests Matt Damon, Dr. Phil McGraw, Priyanka Chopra and musical guest FIDLAR.  See this week's guests.

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