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Sacha Baron Cohen Premieres “The Brothers Grimsby” Trailer as Borat

By Jimmy Kimmel Live | Dec 10th, 2015

Jimmy had a very special guest last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Sacha Baron Cohen came to the show as Borat to premiere the trailer for "The Brothers Grimsby."  Sacha's character, Borat, quickly greeted Jimmy with kisses.  Borat offered the translation of "Jimmy Kimmel" in Kazakh.  Borat complains about the actor Sacha Baron Cohen and his latest character Donald Trump.  He tells Jimmy that Sacha is a "real pain in my exit holes."  Jimmy tries to correct Borat telling him that Donald Trump is real.  Borat takes a few shots at Donald Trump's appearance.  Borat goes on to say, "If he is real, then he is an absolute Kimmel."

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Borat gets back on track to tell warn everyone about Sacha Baron Cohen's movie, "The Brother's Grimsby".  When describing the movie Borat states, "it looks nice, NOT."  Here's the conversation and trailer below:

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