Dave Chappelle Talks to Jimmy Kimmel About Netflix Special, Kids and OJ Simpson

By Jimmy Kimmel Live | Mar 22nd, 2017

Dave Chappelle made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, March 21st, to discuss his recently released Netflix Special, his kids and O.J. Simpson. Jimmy loved watching Dave's new specials and had quite a few questions for Dave about the timing and topics that were covered.

When asked about why he decided to put two of them out, Dave joking replied with "Money. I made them and then I shelved them.  Then they (Netflix) bought them."  Jimmy asked Dave if he worried about the timeliness of the material.  Dave made a perfect joke when he replied with, "No, it's not like I get mad at a photograph when it's not up to date."

Watch the full episode with guests Dave Chappelle, Naomi Scott and Music from Weezer

Jimmy went on to ask Dave, who has been doing standup since he was 14,  why he doesn't allow cellphones into his shows.  Dave explained, "it became a thing and I see a sea of cellphones so that I knew anything that I said in the room, I was saying to everybody whether they were in the room or not."  He also felt that cellphones also ruined the element of surprise, an important tool for any comedian.

Watch all the clips of Dave's interview below:

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