Lena Headey Reads Insults from The Bachelor Contestants as Queen Cersei

By Jimmy Kimmel Live | Jan 27th, 2016

Lena Headey made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, January 25th.  Jimmy thought of an amazing idea and asked Lena to read out insults the contestants of The Bachelor as her character Queen Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.  Lena admitted to have never watched The Bachelor but she was on-point for every insult she read as Cersei.

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Watch Lena Read Insults from The Bachelor

Some of the insults from The Bachelor that Lena read aloud were:

“I don’t think one girl here who is competition.  I think I’m way prettier than everyone else.” 

“I’m going to punch her in the face…Like seriously.”

“Let’s be honest.  Who wants a virgin?”

“I think her boobs are fake but it’s ok.  But you can tell that they’re fake and her breath is horrible.  I wonder if they’ve kissed because I’m sure he smells what I smell.”

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