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Molly is committed to finding the truth and seeing justice served; a trait no doubt inherited from her father, a former Texas sheriff.

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season 1

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    S1 E1 La Sicaria

    Molly looks for the woman who killed an Assistant District Attorney during her wedding ceremony.

    39:5201/07/14Season 1TV-14
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    S1 E2 Some Men Need Killing

    Following a murder at a black-tie gala, Molly pursues an assassin targeting abusive husbands; Jake continues his attempts at delaying the divorce.

    43:0601/14/14Season 1TV-14
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    S1 E3 Warrior

    A veteran missing the adrenaline rush she experienced during war decides to become a modern-day Robin Hood; Becca thinks Billy is having an affair.

    41:3001/21/14Season 1TV-14
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    S1 E4 The Siren

    Molly is on the hunt for a serial killer who murders women that remind her of her own abusive mother. Meanwhile, Molly introduces Dan to her family for the first time and Becca makes plans for Hailee's Quinceanera.

    42:2502/04/14Season 1TV-14
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    S1 E5 In and Out

    Molly investigates when a famous basketball star is murdered; an unlikely suspect is arrested.

    41:4202/11/14Season 1TV-14
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    S1 E6 Daughter of the Alamo

    When an arrest leads to a tip on an unsolved murder case, Molly must work with the retired Ranger whose case it was; Billy must decide between capturing a drug cartel leader or keeping his family safe.

    42:4102/18/14Season 1TV-14
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    S1 E7 Demons

    A paranoid schizophrenic escapes the psychiatric ward and is armed and dangerous. Molly must take an emotional and physical journey into the wilderness to track her down and bring her to justice.

    42:0403/31/14Season 1TV-14
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    S1 E8 Queen Bee

    Becca finds out that Billy has been working undercover for Dan. Billy, Dan, and Molly must work together to save Lulu. Dan's life is put in danger by a corrupt politician: Jake.

    41:0203/31/14Season 1TV-14