Boyd Baxter

Played by Flynn Morrison
Character Biography

Boyd is the son of Kristin, the Baxter's eldest daughter, and the first grandson for Mike and Vanessa. Boyd loves watching cartoons, playing with his toys and having Mike teach him new things. Boyd's susceptibility to Mike's beliefs and actions often cause friction between Kristin and Boyd's father, Ryan.

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Actor Biography

At the young age of nine, Flynn Morrison already has an impressive list of credits to his name. Within six months of deciding he wanted to be an actor, he appeared in numerous commercials, including for Walgreens, Meijers Department Stores, Subway, Shriner's Hospital and Google.
His television credits include a co-starring role in the ABC Family show "Pretty Little Liars."
In his spare time, Flynn loves playing at the beach with his family — swimming, boogie boarding and surfing. He also loves to play soccer with his friends at school.

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