S1 E01 Pilot

10/11/11 | TV-PG | CC

Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) is a man’s man living in a house full of women. His beautiful wife, Vanessa (Nancy Travis), is a top geologist. Oldest daughter Kristin (Alexandra Krosney) is doing the single mom thing with her young son Boyd. Middle child Mandy (Molly Ephraim) has her own website fittingly named Mandyland. Finally, youngest daughter Eve (Kaitlyn Dever) is Mike’s little tomboy buddy.

Mike’s job as marketing director for Outdoor Man has him braving the great outdoors for long stretches of time. His latest trip to Alaska may be his last for awhile. His boss, the always eccentric Ed Alzate (Hector Elizondo), tells Mike that he needs to find a way to boost traffic on the company’s website before he can return to nature.

There’s a lot happening with the Baxter ladies. Kristin is having a tough time juggling mom duties with her job at the diner. Mandy is upset because her boyfriend, Travis, is not a fan of Glee. You should know that Mike is not a fan of Travis. The guy actually goes to a tanning salon! As for Eve, she likes a boy on an opposing soccer team. And Vanessa has the biggest news of all when she gets a promotion at work. That means Mike will have to step up at home. Uh oh.

Mandy has the audacity to call Triple-A after she gets a flat. What was she thinking?! Mike grounds her until she can figure out how to change a tire all by herself. He also yanks Boyd out of daycare once he sees how they run things at the Happy Happy Rainbow Play Care Center. Mike puts enthusiastic employee Kyle (Christoph Sanders) in charge of his grandson for the day. Hope the kid knows how to change a diaper!

Kyle’s a good guy who knows how to change a tire. That’s why Mike asks him to swing by the house to meet Mandy. He’s taking a proactive approach to parenting. Unfortunately, Mike’s advice for Eve to play aggressive soccer backfires when she sprains the ankle of the guy she likes. But the injured kid likes the way Eve plays the game. He asks her out. Eve promises her dad that she’ll continue to be aggressive on her date.

When Kyle pops by the Baxter home to meet Mandy, he accidentally makes a date with Kristin. The two of them seem to like each other enough, so Mike rolls with it. Kristin is upset about being set up at first, but she changes her tune after Kyle mentions how good her dad is with Boyd. She can go on her movie date knowing that her son is in good hands with his granddad.

Mike escapes home life long enough to make a late night video for the Outdoor Man website. What starts off as a pitch to sell crossbows becomes a full-on rant about the lack of real men out there. Mike’s angry outburst goes viral. The company’s site gets gobs of hits. That means Mike is allowed to go back on the road. But this man’s man isn’t going anywhere. Mike is needed at home where he can effectively terrorize any guy who comes near his daughters. He’s such a good dad.


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