S1 E03 Grandparent's Day

10/18/11 | PG | CC

It’s Grandparents Day at Boyd’s preschool. Mike thinks the whole thing is the “s” word. The “s” word, by the way, is “stupid.” The Happy Happy Rainbow Play Care Center frowns upon such negative expressions. “Normal” is another no-no word. It implies that others are abnormal. As you may have guessed, “abnormal” also made the list of banned utterances.

Vanessa is upset when one of the other grandmothers lumps her into an “old broads” classification. Meanwhile, Mike is having trouble validating the choice a little guy named Doug made when he opted to dress like a princess. The teacher asks Mike to take his negative energy elsewhere. Congrats, Mike Baxter. You’ve just become the first grandparent to get your grandson expelled from preschool!

Mandy accuses Eve of using her Eva Longoria lavender-scented shampoo. Mike stops their fighting by banishing them both to their bedrooms. This way Kristin has him all to herself as she demands that her dad apologize to Boyd’s teacher. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Mike agrees to bring Boyd to work with him until they find a new school.

Ed gets upset when Mike sets up a makeshift bounce house in the middle of the office. That’s too bad. The bounce house is tons of fun. Just ask Kyle! Ed changes his tune once he discovers the joys of Boyd. Of course, diaper duty still gets him grumpy. Mike is proud that this pack of wolves is able to care for a young cub. Now he wants to head home after a long day. Too bad it’s only 11 in the morning.

Vanessa attempts to shed her grandma image by hitting the hippest store at the mall. She’s a tad out of her element, as evidenced by the fact that she tries on a new top that’s actually a pair of pants. Mandy is willing to help her mom create a new look. This distresses Eve. She says, “What I love most about you is you just don’t care how you look.” How sweet.

Mike claims that he’s very in tune with his wife’s “lady moods.” He suspects something is up, especially when Vanessa suggests they have another baby. Thankfully, the sound of her daughters engaging in Round 2 of the Eva Longoria shampoo war snaps her out of it. Mike assures his wife that she’s getting more beautiful every day. And Vanessa assures her hubby that she knows that he’s the one who has been using up Mandy’s Eva Longoria shampoo.

Mike does his best to get his grandson into another preschool. No dice. Ed convinces Mike to swallow his pride and apologize. So he does. Then Kristin gets upset about how judgmental the teacher is towards her dad. She’s reconsidering her decision to send Boyd back there. Mike sees the handwriting in the wall. He shuffles his daughter out the door before he’s stuck watching Boyd at the Happy Happy Outdoor Man office forever!

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