S1 E09 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

11/29/11 | NR | CC

Mike is bummed to learn that Vanessa invited the new neighbors over for dinner. He doesn’t enjoy being forced to socialize with others simply because their lawns happen to touch. Nevertheless, Vanessa likes new friend Rebecca so this dinner is happening. As it turns out, Mike hits it off with Rebecca’s significant other, Charlie. Did we mention that Charlie is a woman and the new neighbors are lesbians?

Yes, Mike and Charlie are two peas in a pod. They take a motorcycle ride while Vanessa and Rebecca go antiquing. Vanessa wonders if she should be jealous. Rebecca assures her that the only man Charlie would crossover for is John Elway. Same goes for Mike. Hey, the guy did win two straight Super Bowls not to mention orchestrating “The Drive.” Any self-respecting Denver man-fan has to find that incredibly alluring!

Kyle seems hopeless when it comes to razzing other guys until he busts on Ed about being behind on his prostate exam by about 35 years. Sadly, Kyle wasn’t joking. Ed is way overdue for a checkup. Speaking of Ed, he warns that it’s impossible for men to be friends with women. All the ladies he hangs with are lovers. Mike dismisses this theory and not just because of the creepy way his boss sounds when he says “lovers.”

Vanessa imagines the joys of life as a lesbian. It must be nice to have a partner who listens and who has a smart wardrobe you can share. As for Mike, he thoroughly enjoys trading barbs with Charlie until she takes offense at a comment he makes about the size of her derriere. Suddenly his new neighbor doesn’t feel like being the butt of his jokes.

As shocking as it sounds, Ed may have been right. After a rant about rumps on the Outdoor Man website, Mike realizes that Charlie isn’t a man in the shape of a woman. She’s a woman in the shape of a woman. Mike gets Charlie a little gift to make things right. As it turns out, his new neighbor apologizes for overreacting. All is well as long as Mike never mentions Charlie’s backside ever again. No butts about it.

Mandy is shocked to learn that Travis was enjoying pie as it was being fed to him by another woman. A photo of his pastry indiscretion takes a wildly popular social network site by storm. Mandy wants to fight fire with fire by making the greatest revenge breakup video of all time. She enlists her sisters to be backup singers in a music video called “Pie Rack.” Sounds both tasty and flakey at the same time, doesn’t it?

The super-suggestive video is all about Travis having to say bye-bye to Mandy’s “pie rack.” The sister-powered cyber-bullying effort works. Travis is desperate to win Mandy back, but she’s not falling for it. There are way too many hot guys out there on the web who are now poking her. This Internet newsflash nearly sends her dad into cardiac arrest. And the video itself accomplishes the impossible. It completely ruins pie for Mike.

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