S1 E10 Last Christmas Standing

12/06/11 | NR | CC

Mike is shocked to see Ryan (guest star Nick Jonas) at church during Christmastime. Who’s Ryan, you ask? He’s the guy who got Kristin pregnant and then took off. After two and half years of bouncing around with various acting jobs, Ryan has returned to Denver with a steady gig as the senior knight at the Renaissance Faire. That’s good work if you can get it!

Ryan is a slick, smooth, good-looking guy. His winning smile works well with the ladies, but Mike’s not buying this actor’s act. Neither is Kyle, who worries his relationship with Kristin may be in jeopardy. Speaking of Kristin, she’s upset with her dad for holding a grudge against Ryan. Eve brings up the fact that Mike makes everyone go to church every Sunday where they always preach forgiveness. Okay, that one gets to him.

Ed dresses up as Santa to spread holiday cheer at the Outdoor Man store. He asks Mike to wear the red suit, but that won’t happen unless there’s some kind of “Santa Clause” he doesn’t know about. In other news, Mandy scores a gig as Ed’s number one elf. She’s appalled by the working conditions. Mandy unionizes her colleagues to protest the unfair labor practices at Santa’s Sweatshop. She says, “It is no longer every elf for his...elf!”

The Outdoor Man customers simply won’t cross a picket line formed by elves, pixies and flying reindeer. Mike sets up a negotiating session between Santa and his disgruntled elf. The five percent cost-of-living increase Mandy wants every six months simply isn’t going happen since her job ends in three days. A company car is out, too. But the elves will be allowed a five-minute break every hour. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Kyle shows up for Christmas dinner bearing gifts. He has a poinsettia for Vanessa and an engagement ring for Kristin, who quickly says no to Kyle’s marriage proposal. The hits just keep on coming when Ryan shows up unexpectedly. His timing isn’t great, as Mike just broke out his carving knife.

Kristin assures Kyle that there’s no need for him to feel threatened by Ryan. She wants the guy to be part of Boyd’s life, not hers. As for Mike, he’s willing to call a Christmas truce so that Ryan can join them for dinner. Ed also pops by with a balloon bouquet to celebrate the holiday engagement that never was. Maybe the balloons will keep till New Year’s!

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