S1 E11 The Passion of the Mandy

12/13/11 | NR | CC

Ed is upset because Murphy’s Barbershop is closing down. The old place is his man cave. Unfortunately, business has been down for awhile now. Mandy makes a creative profile for the barbershop on a website called HmmNoThanks.com. It’s a place where her friends go to ironically diss on new hangouts. She has a real knack for marketing, so Mike offers her an internship at Outdoor Man.

Business at the barbershop is booming thanks to Mandy’s influence. This is great news for everyone but Ed, who rants about the jack-wang that ruined his man cave. Little does he know that the jack-wang in question is Mandy. Mike tells his daughter that not everyone is going to like all of her ideas. If she can’t take criticism, she’s going to be living in his house a long, long time. Actually, that may happen anyway.

Ed pops by to apologize to Mandy. He says, “There are two things I hate and that’s change and hipsters. Put ‘em both together and it’s like a hot coal in my trunks.” After that wonderful word picture, Mandy accepts his apology. As for the internship, she’s a little burnt out after three hours of work. Mandy won’t be continuing her duties at Outdoor Man, but she does thank her dad for believing in her.

Vanessa has been frantically trying to meet the demands of her career while keeping up with her duties at home. Mike offers to take the housework off of her plate, but his wife doesn’t like the way he performs certain chores. For instance, he doesn’t “fold” the laundry. He “rolls” it. It’s a real space saver!

After burning the candle at both ends, Vanessa falls asleep during a big meeting and topples out of her chair. It would have been humiliating if not for the fact that she faked a heart attack. Of course, the truly mortifying part came later when her boss caught sight of her in a paper hospital gown from behind. The hits just keep on coming for Vanessa, who realizes Mike has things running smoothly at home. Suddenly she feels replaceable.

Eve has a homework date with Victor Blake. Well, it isn’t actually a date even though she does wear a dress. Eve really likes this guy. That’s why it’s such a crushing blow when Victor wants her opinion on what girl he should ask to the big dance. Eve is heartbroken. The only thing that helps is a heart-to-heart chat with her mom. Guess Vanessa isn’t replaceable after all.


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