S1 E12 Moon Over Kenya

01/03/12 | NR | CC

IT’S ON THE HOOK!!! This is the catchphrase used by Chad Bickle, a rising star on the bass pro circuit. He’s also the new celebrity endorser for Outdoor Man. Mike isn’t thrilled with this fisherman’s frenetic ways. He especially doesn’t like the way Chad hugs hello via arm pulls and multiple manly chest bumps.

Vanessa and Ed conspire to help ease Mike’s unwillingness to work with Chad by inviting the bass man over for dinner. Pork chops are being served as the main entrée. This used to be Mandy’s favorite dish until she became a vegan. Mike believes his daughter’s latest celebrity-inspired initiative will last about a day. Kristin and Eve agree. That’s why they raid Mandy’s closet to confiscate any animal-related fashion accessories in record time.

Chad Bickle’s public persona is a bit extreme, but Mike realizes there’s a normal guy behind all that screaming. The two of them share fish tales they experienced around the globe. Mike claims he had the time of his life during a fishing trip in Kenya. Those days are over now that he’s “anchored” at home.

Vanessa feels like she’s the “anchor” in her hubby’s life. Actually, she is. Mike explains that an anchor is what keeps a boat safe and secure. That’s how he feels when he comes home. The life Mike and Vanessa share inspires Chad to change his ways. He abruptly quits life in the bass lane. And it’s all thanks to Mike.

Ed isn’t happy to learn that his celebrity spokesperson has opted to stop speaking for Outdoor Man. Mike has a heart-to-heart with Chad. He convinces the guy that he can have a family without giving up the fishing life he loves. Now all Mike has to do is learn how to work with Ed’s next celebrity spokesperson: Tony Hawk. Unfortunately, the skateboarding legend is another hugger.


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