S1 E13 Take Your Daughter to Work

01/10/12 | NR | CC

Ed hires his daughter, Gabriella (guest star Jamie-Lynn Sigler), to be a marketing consultant for Outdoor Man. The bright, eager young woman was a top student at her business school. Gabriella has some bold thoughts for some sweeping changes at Outdoor Man. Mike’s totally onboard with all of her initiatives. Wait a minute. No, he’s not!

Gabriella wants to redesign all of the retail stores and rebrand Outdoor Man under the name ODM. Mike doesn’t want to cut out the heart and soul of the company he help built. Ed backs him until Gabriella lays a major guilt trip on her dad. How can Mike possibly compete with daddy’s little girl?

It’s not that Mike thinks Gabriella’s ideas are bad. They’re just not right for this particular company. Ed finally agrees. Gabriella throws a mini hissy fit when her marketing plan is axed. She’s furious with her dad until Mike gets the two of them together to make nice. They even find a way to use the ODM brand on its own separate website. That’ll work!

When Mike almost runs over a stray dog, he brings the wayward hound home until his rightful owner can be found. The Baxter ladies are immediately smitten with the cute pooch. They name it Muffin. Sadly, Mandy must keep her distance since she’s allergic to dogs. She’s not really. That’s just something Vanessa told her when she was a kid to get her out of the pet store at the mall.

Mandy’s “lost dog” flier features a provocative photo of her holding Muffin with the headline “Looking for My Master.” Needless to say, they get lots of calls from lots of men. The real owner eventually shows up. He’s a total slacker dude. That’s why Mike decides to make a Muffin a permanent member of the Baxter family. BTW, Vanessa finally fessed up to Mandy that she’s not really allergic to dogs.


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