S1 E14 Odd Couple Out

01/17/12 | TV-PG | CC

Mike embarks on a discussion about the dangers of drugs and alcohol when a bunch of empty wine bottles turn up in the family trash can. Vanessa learns that all that vino came from her neighbor, Michelle, who recently had a party. For some reason, the Baxters were left off the guest list. The horror!

The reason for the social diss stems from a comment Mike made at Michelle’s last party. He made some disparaging remarks about her work as a TV weather girl. Michelle prefers the term "meteorologist." Mike doesn’t buy it. He’s not impressed with someone who can download all her information from a free app.

To smooth things over, Vanessa schedules a double date with Michelle and her new Navy SEAL boyfriend, Tom. Things are going well until Mike realizes this Michelle’s new man isn’t really a SEAL. If Mike keeps mum about Tom’s lies, Vanessa promises to do that thing he always wants her to do even though it makes her physically ill. Yes, she’ll root for Michigan over Ohio State.

All bets are off when Vanessa learns she hasn’t been invited to another one of Michelle’s parties. Mike calls out Tom about all his bogus military experience. Then Vanessa lets everyone know that Michelle gets all her weather info from a phone app as she storms out of the restaurant.

When Mandy won’t move the car for her sis, Eve ends up putting a big ding on the side of the Mandy-mobile. Kyle successfully pulls out the dent, but rips off some paint in the process. The girls put one of Mike’s “Don’t Do Drugs” stickers on the side of the car to hide the mark. Mike’s hip to their game, but feels having Mandy drive to school with that sticker on her car is punishment enough.


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