S1 E15 House of Spirits

02/07/12 | PG | CC

Happy birthday, Mike! Mandy gives her dad a coupon book as his first b-day present. One of the vouchers is good for a week of “no talking back.” Blackout dates apply. Kristin gives him a renewal for the “Bacon of the Month” club. It’s the gift that keeps on giving until you need an angioplasty.

Vanessa gives her hubby the best gift of all. It’s a book detailing the history of their neighborhood. Mike discovers that two different women died in their house. This new info has his daughters freaked. Mandy says, “I feel like we’re in a horror movie and we’re gonna start getting picked off one by one. And, Mom, the pretty girl never makes it!” She has a point.

Vanessa tries to calm everyone’s fears by using science to explain away any superstitions. It doesn’t work. The entire Baxter clan huddles into Mike and Vanessa’s bed after the girls hear strange noises during the night. Also, there may or may not be a poltergeist in Eve’s toilet. They’re here! And they better not leave the lid up!

The Baxter ladies ask a medium named Brenda to encourage the ghosts of the two dead ladies to skedaddle. Skeptic Mike doesn’t buy Brenda’s spirited spiel. Vanessa, however, is upset when the medium says the two lost souls died alone. This happens to be her greatest fear. Vanessa now wants to move out of their house.

Mike eases his wife’s fears by doing some research on the two ladies who died in their home. Both lived long, happy lives and were surrounded by family when they crossed over into the great beyond. Mike puts together a nice little video montage of all the happy memories they’ve had in their not-so-haunted house. When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Mike Baxter!

Ed insists on treating Kyle to lunch, but he only has hundreds. That’s cool. Kyle spots him a few bucks, but is later afraid to say anything to his boss about Ed’s growing list of outstanding loans. He can’t afford to lose his job. Then again, he can’t afford to keep it either. Ed finally makes good on his debt after Kyle speaks up by paying him back with a nice saddle. Too bad Kyle doesn’t own a horse.

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