S1 E17 Adrenaline

02/14/12 | NR | CC

Mike Baxter needs a little excitement in his life. Somehow the discussions his daughters have about nail polish and the newsflash that Ed is thinking about rearranging the fishing rods by height aren’t providing much stimulation. That’s why Mike gets mildly revved up to have his pal/NASCAR star Tony Stewart visit Outdoor Man for a big promotion. Vroom, vroom!

Kyle draws back a curtain to reveal Tony Stewart’s automobile smack-dab in the middle of the Outdoor Man showroom. Ed loves the car, but not the size of his store’s logo on the back bumper. Tony warns Mike to not let anyone kiss the hood of his car. Of course, he didn’t say anything about not driving it.

Mike and Ed are shocked to see that Kyle has taken the car for a spin. Well, kinda: He can’t get the thing in gear. He needs Mike to help get the vehicle back to the showroom. Kyle convinces his boss to do some wicked cool doughnuts in the parking lot. When Tony Stewart learns about this dalliance, he gets even by doing doughnuts in Mike’s classic truck. Somehow, we don’t think that was as much fun.

Kristin is going skydiving with a bunch of her waitress friends. She swears her sisters to secrecy. That’s not easy for Eve, who believes Vanessa should be in the know about all family matters. In other news, Mike effectively drags Vanessa into his despair over their adrenaline-lacking lives. She has a fantasy about blowing away an armed criminal during a bank robbery.

Vanessa snaps back to reality as Eve reveals the big skydiving secret. She rushes to tell her oldest child to start acting like a responsible adult. But Kristin doesn’t believe her mom truly believes what she’s saying. Turns out she’s right. That’s why Vanessa jumps out of a plane, too!

Both Mike and Vanessa are on monster adrenaline highs after their exciting days. If only there were a place they could be alone together to keep the momentum going. Hey, that’s what bomb shelters are for!

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