S1 E18 Baxter & Sons

02/21/12 | PG | CC

Mike's younger brother, Jim (guest star Mike Rowe), is in town. He’s making a bid to build a new Outdoor Man store by the airport. This is news to Mike, who doesn’t like to mix family and business. The fact that he’s super-competitive with his little bro adds to the tension, Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Mike learns that his dad, Bud (guest star Robert Forster), is also involved in the project.

Mike has final say on whether or not Jim gets the construction gig. Vanessa convinces him to put aside any past issues to give his brother a chance. The business venture gets off to a rocky start when a guy who knows Kristin from school turns down Jim’s request for a startup loan. Mike’s offer to cosign the loan has the younger Baxter boy offended at being treated like a charity case.

The ensuing argument spills over from the bank offices to the Baxter home. Bud chases after Jim when he cancels the entire project. This gives Vanessa a chance to let Mike know that the job isn’t just about building a new store. It’s about his dad wanting to be near his family. Later, Ed puts an end to all the family strife by awarding the job to his second choice.

Jim knows that the construction company Ed opts to go with is a bunch of crooks. That’s why he finally agrees to let Mike cosign the loan. A partnership begins and Baxter and Sons is back in business! Of course, that doesn’t mean there will be any less brotherly bickering on the drive back to the bank.

Mandy wants to set up her grandfather with a lady. She played matchmaker with a girl at school who is now pregnant, so she’s pretty good at what she does. She locks down the perfect elderly companion online. Too bad Bud already has a girlfriend. Looks like Mandy will have to act as a proxy during an upcoming senior square dance she booked with one hot grandma.

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