S1 E20 Animal Wrongs

03/20/12 | PG | CC

Mandy is love with Terrence, a guy she met on Facebook. The family is anxious to meet the young man who’s been able to capture Mandy’s heart for 30 straight days, but she doesn’t want to bring her new love by the house because her dad won’t like him. Guess what? Mike doesn’t like him.

Terrence is an animal rights activist, so he challenges Mike’s role as a purveyor of products that bring harm to our furry friends. He’s a member of People Helping Animal Rights Today, better known as PHART. Fear not. The “H” is silent. Terrence even has an issue with Vanessa’s role as a geologist. Needless to say, Mandy’s instincts to keep this kid away from her folks were right on the money.

An extremely large bear has invaded the offices of Outdoor Man. It’s a stuffed grizzly that was originally bagged by Teddy Roosevelt. This is Mike’s pride and joy. It’s also the first thing Terrence notices when he swings by the office with Mandy to apologize to her dad. Too bad Mike is already gone for the day. That’s cool. Terrence will leave a note.

After Mike learns that his daughter left her boyfriend alone at the store, he sees that Terrance spray-painted his prized bear. Mandy is crushed. She really liked this boy. Mike’s more upset about how this kid hurt his little girl than he is about the bear. He makes sure Terrence knows this once he catches him hiding in a back room.

Mike exacts his revenge on Terrence in a very creative way. The bear is cleaned up so patrons can visit it at Outdoor Man. They can also meet the man who shot the giant grizzly back in 1895: Teddy Roosevelt. As it turns out, our 26th President is still alive and looks a lot like Terrence. Bully for him!

Kyle lets Ed know that his ancestors are Basque just like him. Things are great until Ed learns that Kyle came from a rival family in his village. The feud started many years ago after a pig was stolen, so Kyle makes amends by presenting his boss with a replacement oinker. Just like that, all is forgiven. Imagine how many senseless wars could have been avoided if one side would have just given the other one a pig. Makes you think.

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