S1 E21 Wherefore Art Thou, Mike Baxter

04/10/12 | NR | CC

Ed can't wait to beat Ted's Tackle Box in the upcoming Grudge Cup. What's the Grudge Cup, you ask? Well, it's the annual sports competition that Outdoor Man has lost for the past four years. Ed hires a ringer for the marksmanship events. Too bad the guy also likes to use guns for bank robberies. They need a replacement player. The best they can come up with is Kyle.

There's a chance Mike may have to bail on Grudge Cup weekend if Eve's soccer team advances in a championship tournament. It turns out to be a non-issue after an elimination loss. Mike and Vanessa are secretly overjoyed to finally have a free Saturday. Unfortunately, Eve overhears her mom expressing relief that that she lost the big game. Uh oh.

Mandy is upset at being the understudy in her school's upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet. Then something wonderful happens. The original Juliet falls of the balcony and breaks her collarbone. Aren't you supposed to break a leg in the theatre? Anyway, Mandy is now the new Juliet. Opening night just happens to be the same day as the Grudge Cup. Uh oh, again.

Mike thinks he can partake in the sports competition and still make it back in time for the play. Out in the woods, Kyle is thrilled to be camping with Mike. That's probably because his own dad was never there for him as a kid. It's so nice to have someone supporting him during the Grudge Cup. That's why Mike knows he won't be able to make Mandy's play

Kristin clues in Eve as to just how boring her soccer games truly are. Vanessa has been going to equally boring events for all three of them for the past 20 years. This has Eve realizing how her mom has always been there for her. She's also there for her other daughter during her disastrous opening night. Mandy really should have learned her lines.

Mandy is upset with her dad for not making the play. Mike is upset with his daughter for not doing the work that comes with being an understudy. The two of them eventually make nice. Mike promises to be there in the front row at her next Shakespearean performance if Mandy promises to do the work. Thou hast a deal!

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