S1 E22 This Bud's For You

04/17/12 | NR | CC

The results from Mike's company physical are in and they're not great. There's been a noticeable spike in his blood pressure. Mike vows to get his BP down for a follow-up exam. He needs to eliminate stress in his life over the next week. That may not be easy since his dad, Bud, is getting his own apartment in town now that he's going to working in the area.

Don't get us wrong. Mike loves his dad. It's just he drives him crazy with stories like how he invented the Big Mac. Apparently, Bud was eating two all-beef patties one day while a clown was staring at him. Coincidence? The other thing causing Mike stress is the fact that his dad has a new lady in his life. Her name is Stella and she's moving in with Bud.

Vanessa makes the mistake of letting Bud know that Mike isn't crazy about Stella. She advises him to have her steer clear of the house to reduce her hubby's stress level. Bud does more than that. He puts Stella on a bus back to Durango, which is six hours away. At least they promised they'd "sext" each other. Too bad Bud doesn't know what that is.

Mike admits that whenever he sees his dad he still expects his mom to come walking in right behind him. Bud is grateful that never happens since the woman's been dead for five years -- he'd freak out if that ever occurred. Mike convinces Bud to bring Stella back to town. It turns out to be a therapeutic move as Mike's blood pressure comes down. Of course, that could also be a result of all the soothing Hawaiian music Ed has been playing at Outdoor Man.

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