S1 E24 Found Money

05/08/12 | PG | CC

Mike buys a tank! It's not a little toy model one either. No, he's picked up a monster-size military-made wrecking machine. This puts him a great mood until he learns that Vanessa's flighty sister, April, is coming over for a visit. He believes the only reason she ever comes to town is to borrow money. This time, however, April comes bearing a check to repay her loan.

Mike is surprised to learn that Vanessa loaned her sis over $3,000. He wants her to be more responsible with their money. He says this moments before Vanessa learns he bought a tank. Mike doesn't see a problem with his purchase since he makes most of the money. Needless to say, Vanessa isn't thrilled with her hubby's attitude about their family finances.

Money issues continue to crop up when April asks Vanessa to loan her money to invest in a start-up business. It's a Laundromat/breakfast restaurant called "Wash & Nosh." Catchy! Mike convinces Vanessa that she's not doing her sister any good by continuing to give her money. So, Vanessa gets back the check. Mike says it doesn't mean April is out of their lives. He's right about that one since his sister-in-law has now moved in to his house. Guess Mike had that coming. After all, he bought a tank!

Kristin and Kyle realize that they are drifting apart. That's why they mutually decide to break up. Kyle's have a tough time with this. Ed tries to comfort him by letting him know Kristin was out of his league anyway. Kyle's real issue is breaking the news to Mike. He really enjoyed being part of the Baxter family. Mike assures him that he can still be part of their lives. He can come over anytime for dinner or to clean the gutters.

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