S2 E04 Ed's Twice Ex-Wife

11/23/12 | TV-PG | CC

Ed’s ex-wife Wanda (his first and third wife, if you’re keeping score) shows up at Outdoor Man because she found out that Ed never told her about a vineyard he owned before they got divorced. She found out from Vanessa, who’s kept in touch with her over the years. Wanda once stabbed Ed, so everyone’s a little on edge.

Mandy needs money to go on a trip to Cancun. Kristin’s diner is looking for a new waitress. Sounds like a match made in…well, hold the heaven. Mandy’s screwing up at the diner right off the bat, but she’s charming and the customers like her. Kristin tries to fix Mandy's mistakes and ends up creating new ones in the process.

Memorable Quotes:

Mandy:  Mom, dad, I need $2,000 for my trip to Cancun.
Mike: Well, as luck would have it, I have a crisp $2,000 bill right here.
Mandy: Really?
Mike: No.
Vanessa: Honey, don’t listen to your dad, we’ll give you the money.
Mandy: Really?
Vanessa: No.

Ed: You blood-sucking vampire! I can’t believe I cheated on my second wife with you, she deserved better!

Vanessa: She’s entitled to half. She did share part of her life with Ed.
Mike: I spent part of my life with the guy in line at the DMV, what do I owe him?

Ed: I just had a meeting with Wanda and her lawyer. They completely screwed me. And then I wrote them a check. I felt like the world’s dumbest prostitute.
Mike: Hey, don’t beat yourself up. That’s what your pimp is for.

Ed has to pay Wanda to balance out the assets, but despite the circumstances, seeing Wanda again actually has him falling for her all over again. Mike tries to talk them out of it, but Vanessa kinda talks him into it. Pretty soon Ed and Wanda are at each other’s throats yet again…looks like Mike was right!

Mandy seems to think waitressing is easy, but after a full day of it, and then watching Boyd while Kristin works another shift, she’s exhausted. And she’s got a little more sympathy for Kristin.

Memorable Quotes:

Ed: Vanessa betrayed me? I thought you got me in the divorce. This is like a knife in my heart. And thanks to Wanda I have a pretty good idea what that feels like.

Mandy: Hey Kris, I think I know why you’re not making more tips. OK, how do I say this without using the word “bitchy”?
Kristin: How do I respond without using the word “strangle”?

Vanessa: So your definition of being loyal to Ed is doing what’s best for you?
Mike: Now you’re getting it.

Mike: Passion in a relationship is never a good thing.

Mike: What is it with you and wine?
Vanessa: Have you tried being married to you?

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