S2 E08 Bullying

01/04/13 | TV-PG | CC

To learn more about how to stand up to bullying, please visit the Anti-Defamation League's website.

Eve just got suspended for bullying after calling another student “gay.” Mike feels like words can’t be bullying. Once Vanessa convinces Mike she doesn’t want a daughter who picks on others, they explain the issue to Eve. It turns out the boy student struck first, calling Eve names. Vanessa guesses that Eve didn’t say he started it because she has a crush on this guy -- and she was right. Eve gets the guy, but everyone learned the lesson along the way.

Memorable Quotes:

Vanessa: Ugh, not your chili. Come on, Mike. It’s winter. We’re all trapped in here.
Mike: Couple bowls of this and I’ll definitely be violating Obama’s emission standards.

Mandy: I’ve had detention.
Vanessa: Check.
Mandy: And I’ve failed classes.
Vanessa: Check.
Mandy: And I’ve had an at-fault car accident.
Mike: Check. With a lot of zeroes.

Kristin: Words can be just as dangerous as weapons.
Mike: Not if you buy them at my store.

Mike: Our words are crippling us. Or should I say, disabling us.

Ryan got a job. He’s ready to help out more with Boyd! But first he bought a motorcycle. Kristin is not amused, and she shows up at his apartment to chew him out. He comes clean: He did buy a motorcycle. But he sold his car to do so, and has a check for the difference to give to Kristin for Boyd. He really is trying, and it makes an impression on Kristin.

Memorable Quotes:

Mike: Eve got suspended from school for calling somebody “gay.”
Ed: I thought that’s what we’re supposed to say.
Kyle: When in doubt, say “LGBT.”
Ed: Sounds like a delicious sandwich.

Mike: Motorcycles aren’t toys. It’s all the power of a car, with none of the safety features.

Mike: I’m not undermining you. I just disagree with everything you’re saying.

Kristin (after knocking loudly on Ryan’s door): Hey, jackass. What were you thinking?
Ryan: I was thinking, “I wonder who’s at the door,” and now I’m thinking, “Why did I open the door?”

Mike: I don’t think Eve being called a boy bothered her at all. She’s like a tank. (Eve enters in her basketball uniform – and full makeup and jewelry) A beautiful, flowery, delicate tank.

Eve: I can look good and still kick ass.

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