S2 E13 What's In a Name?

02/15/13 | TV-PG | CC

Boyd is now using Ryan’s last name at school. A son taking his father’s last name is the traditional path, but Mike doesn’t feel that’s appropriate in this case since Ryan wasn’t around for a long time. With three daughters, Boyd is Mike’s only hope for carrying on the Baxter name.

So when the Pinewood Derby rolls around -- Mike wants to do it with Boyd so they can bond and Boyd will at least have good memories of Grandpa if he won’t share his name. That sounds great to Ryan, who builds a car with Boyd too. The boys decide that Boyd will go with whoever builds the fastest car.

Memorable Quotes:

Boyd: If this is a racecar, Grandpa, where’s the motor?
It doesn’t need a motor. It’s powered by Grandma’s archenemy: gravity.
Vanessa: I heard that.

Mandy: Someday, people are going to take the day off of work just to celebrate me.
Kristin: And they could have mattress sale, which would be appropriate.
Eve: Says the sister who had a baby in high school.

Kristin: Kids take their fathers’ last names. I thought you were the one that was for doing things the traditional way.
Mike: Traditional way? You mean like knocking up a girl, then leaving, then coming back when the going gets easy? You mean that tradition?
Kristin: Dad, that’s not fair.
Eve: Yeah, Dad. No fair describing exactly what happened.

Mike: Ryan wants to change Boyd’s name to Vogelson.
Kyle: Vogelson Baxter? I like Boyd better.
Ed: Vogelson would be his last name, you idiot.
Kyle: Vogelson Vogelson? OK, now that I like.

Did we mention that Mandy wants to be famous? That might have come up at some point. Her latest scheme for fame: Making a new viral video for Valentine’s Day. It’s called “Love Arrow.” It's probably about what you think it's about.

Back to the Pinewood Derby…Mike builds a better car, but Ryan let Boyd put all kinds of crazy stuff that he liked on it. Mike wins, but he tells Boyd to go with Ryan so they can have a bond as well. Boyd won most creative entry. Ryan suggests that he might change his own name to Baxter, which would solve everything!

Mike's not on board.

Memorable Quotes:

Mike: Boyd’s not gonna remember anything I did with him before Ryan came along. You take a two-year-old to Sea World, the whale has a better chance of remembering that.

Mandy: You know who shouldn’t have hyphenated their last name? My friend Monica’s parents…Valerie Johnson and Steve Holder.

Mandy: That was your cue, Kyle. You’re supposed to hit me with the love arrow.
Kristin: Why don’t we all get hit with love arrows?
Mandy: Does everyone in Destiny’s Child marry Jay-Z, or just Beyoncé?

Mike: Do you know how mad I was when Kristin said she was having a baby?
Vanessa: Yeah, I still miss that glass coffee table.

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