S2 E14 Buffalo Bill Day

02/22/13 | TV-PG | CC

Ed and Mike are putting on a Buffalo Bill Cody show at Outdoor Man. Ryan’s not keen on Boyd shooting guns at the “merciless savages” who are attacking his stagecoach. Nor is he keen on Mike taking him to rehearse when it’s his day to have Boyd. Ryan wants visitation rights in writing because Mike isn’t respecting Boyd’s schedule.

Mandy is flirting pretty hard with Kyle, but he’s just not picking up on it, no matter how hard she tries. Vanessa makes it clear to Mandy that this is going to be a tricky situation for everyone in the family because of Kyle’s past with Kristin.

Memorable Quotes:

Mike: Protesters are rarely interested in facts, and unfortunately we don’t get picketed by angry historians.

Ed: We’re not celebrating violence, son. We’re celebrating Buffalo Bill Cody’s birthday.
We just added the violence to give the show a little kick.

Mandy: Thanks for the ride home, Kyle.
Yeah. Love your van. The gas fumes really explain a lot about you.

Mike: When did this turn into Girls Gone Wild Wild West?

Mandy (grabbing her shoulder): I fell off the stagecoach like three times today and I think I broke my femur.
Eve: If your femur’s up there, it’s not broken, it’s lost.
Mandy: I don’t need a lecture from you on boneology right now.

But after a little talk, Kristin gives Mandy her blessing to date Kyle as long as she promises never to hurt Kyle. Mandy’s in the clear, so long as she can get Kyle to take a hint.

Mike doesn’t feel like Ryan has any right to Boyd, but Kristin is caught in the middle because she’s liking having Ryan in the picture, and they’re definitely getting close these days. Close enough that she signs the visitation papers -- and then kisses him.

The Buffalo Bill show goes off without a hitch. Mike’s happy. Until he sees Kristin and Ryan kissing. And then Mandy and Kyle kissing. Looks like a bumpy trail ahead for Mike Baxter…

Mandy (re: her crush on Kyle): I’m just finding it really hard to tell Kristin.
Kristin: Tell me what?
Eve: Mandy’s making moves on Kyle.
Kristin: What?
Eve (to Mandy): See, it wasn’t that hard. Now you try it.

Kristin: Out of all the guys in the world, why are you after Kyle?
Mandy: First of all, I don’t know all the guys in the world.
Eve: But not for lack of trying.

Mandy: Kyle and I can finish each other’s sentences.
Eve: Well, that’s certainly something neither of you can do on your own.

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