S2 E15 Breaking Curfew

03/01/13 | TV-PG | CC

Mandy gets caught sneaking into the house four hours past curfew. Mandy and Kyle have concocted a very elaborate (for them) story, but Mike knows they’re up to something. How? He’s got an inside source -- Eve.

Eve knows Mandy and Kyle have plans to get a hotel room on Friday. Mandy’s excited, but Eve’s curious: Have Mandy’s past relationships failed because they weren’t right for her, or because she moved too fast in the physical department?

Memorable Quotes:

Mike: Honey, what are you gawking at? Are the neighbor’s dogs going at it on the front lawn again?
Mandy and Kyle are making out.
Mike: I don’t want to hear this. Either way, just spray them with the hose.

Mandy: Kyle’s such a gentleman. But I think I’m wearing him down.

Kristin: I’m 23, I don’t sneak out. I leave quietly without telling Dad.

Vanessa: Honey, you’re in real trouble here. You broke the most important rule.
I know. I missed curfew.
No. You let your dad find out.

Mike: I need to know what you did last night with my daughter.
Kyle: Well, let’s see. We were watching TV for a while. Oh, there’s a rat loose in my apartment, so my roommate got a snake to catch it. Last night we couldn’t find the snake, so now we’re getting a mongoose. And, because we learned our lesson, a mongoose leash.

Kristin and Ryan are an item again! But Kristin’s still hiding it from Boyd, because she doesn’t want to get him confused. But Ryan convinces her he’s here to stay. They break the news to Boyd. He doesn’t really seem to care either way, which in this case, is great news.

At the hotel, Kyle comes clean to Mandy that he doesn’t want to move too fast. Mandy’s relieved, and they share a nice karaoke night out -- and this time, they make curfew.

Memorable Quotes:

Mike: She created that whole drama so I wouldn’t come down hard on her and Kyle for staying up til 3am. It’s actually kind of clever.
Vanessa: What makes you think it wasn’t Kyle’s idea?
Mike: Because it’s kind of clever.

Vanessa: I always thought that kissing was second base, and third base was tongue.
Mike: Boy, your boyfriends must have been excited when they got to, what, eighth base?

Mike: From the time [our daughters] get up they’re bombarded with sexy images, from magazines, movies, billboards. This morning, I’m having pancakes. The syrup bottle lady? I think they bumped her up a cup size. I don’t mind that because I get more syrup, but I don’t like the message.

Kristin (to Kyle): Before we go any further, I’d like to formally introduce you to my son. Boyd, this is Mommy’s new boyfriend, Daddy.

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