S2 E17 The Fight

03/15/13 | TV-PG | CC

Ryan pulls Boyd out of school to go to opening day with Mike and Eve. They run into Bill the architect at the game  -- you know, the one Mike passed over for a job. Bill’s had too much to drink and he antagonizes Mike and his family. When Ryan socks him in the face, Mike’s actually impressed.

Also, Mandy’s in danger of failing history, so Mike and Vanessa take away her electronic devices. OMG.

Memorable Quotes:

Mike: Those who can’t pass history are doomed to repeat it.

Mandy: Mom, you can’t spend too much time on a computer. You’re thinking about a tanning bed.

Mike: Nothing like playing hooky to go to opening day with your sons.
Eve: Sons?
Mike: You’re skipping school to go to a baseball game. Today you’re a boy.

Kristin: So you really don’t see anything wrong with what you did today?
Ryan: No. A drunk learned a lesson and Boyd got a ball.
Eve: And I got on the Jumbotron.
Ryan: Everyone got to enjoy the game. What’s the downside?
Mike (holding up the phone): That was the Denver Police on the phone.
Vanessa: Ah. I bet they know what the downside is.


Ryan gets a little too into his new tough guy persona. But Boyd also gets scared of Ryan now, which isn’t good. But Mike makes sure Boyd understands that Ryan was just trying to protect him, and all is well.

Mandy finds Mike’s ham radio in the basement and starts talking to Kyle on there, as well as all the other random folks. She thinks it’s like Twitter because everyone can hear what she has to say. She gives relationship advice to all the older folks on the radio -- and she also gets first-hand accounts on WWII info from those folks, and writes a great paper!

Memorable Quotes:

Vanessa: I don’t want Ryan to be the kind of guy that gets into fights all the time.
Mike: This is the first time in 23 years the kid’s made a fist. Unless of course you count him looking at his nails.

Kyle: How’s the rainforest? Were you able to use that Amazon gift card I got you?

Vanessa: Honey, parents want love and trust from their children, not fear.
Mike: Ehh, I kinda want it all.

Vanessa: It takes a big man to admit he’s wrong.
It takes a big man to hit a bigger man.

Mike: You taught your son a great lesson. Boyd, if you hit somebody hard enough, they turn into a better person.

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