S2 E18 College Girl

03/22/13 | TV-PG | CC

Mandy gets accepted to a really good college in California! Ed gave her a good recommendation because he knows people out there. But Mike wants her to go to UC-Denver because it’s close to home…and also a heck of a lot cheaper. He tries to get Kyle to push her into staying close to home by scaring him into thinking it could damage their relationship if she leaves. So he decides to move to CA with her!

While Kristin and Ryan are dining at a fancy restaurant, they meet the owner (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) -- who’s an old coworker of Kristin’s at the diner. Between Mandy going off to school and this, Kristin is rethinking a lot of things about her life. She quits the diner almost immediately.

Memorable Quotes:

Vanessa: Mandy was rejected at practically every college she applied to. She could be stuck going to UC-Denver.
Kristin: Watch it. I’m taking classes at UC-Denver. I know, I know, they’re not very selective. You got a warm body, you’re in.
Eve: Which is also Mandy’s policy.

Mike: I’m sure Mandy told you she got accepted to Laguna Beach University and UC-Denver.
Kyle: Yeah, got accepted to two colleges. Man, she’s gonna be busy.

Ed: Distance puts a strain on everything, son. My last marriage couldn’t survive a king-sized bed.
Kyle: Don’t worry about me and Mandy. We know that Colorado and California are on opposite sides of the continent. But geography means nothing to us.
Mike: Clearly.

Mike and Vanessa tell Mandy they think LBU will be tough for her. Mandy feels like they don’t believe in her, and decides to not go to college at all. But she comes to her senses and decides she’s going to go to UC-Denver for a year and get her grades up, which will prove LBU is right for her. Everyone’s happy with that. Is it possible Mandy’s maturing?

Ryan asks Kristin to move in with him, now that she’s jobless. But she already has a new apartment, in a fancy part of town. How? Jon hired her at the restaurant. And now that she has her own swanky place, she invites Ryan to come live with her.

Memorable Quotes:

Kyle: We’ve got it all figured out. She’ll go to class, I’ll get a job, and we’ll live someplace.
Mike: Well you left nothing to chance there, did you, Kyle.

Mandy: So you’re saying I wasn’t accepted because of my deservedosity?

Vanessa: You called her lazy?
Mike: You called her stupid.
Vanessa: I did not call her stupid, I implied it. I didn’t think she’d figure it out.

Ryan: What are you all dressed up for?
Kristin: Work. This is my new uniform.
Mike: They can dress up that diner all they want, but it doesn’t fool my colon.

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