S1 E08 House Rules

11/22/11 | NR | CC

Change is in the air. Eve is becoming a woman as evidenced by her many mood swings and one giant zit. As far as the other ladies in Mike Baxter’s life, Mandy is psyched because she just scored tickets to the new Cirque du Soleil show. And Kristin avoids a curfew violation. Of course, the fact that Kyle spends the night in her room may upset her dad just a bit. Oh, who are we kidding? Mike goes ballistic!

Kyle has a bit of limp after jumping out the second story window of Kristin’s room. He hobbles away when he hears Mike is coming through the Outdoor Man doors. Mike is very upset about the shenanigans that may have taken place at his house. Ed believes he needs to lay down some ground rules in his house so the inmates don’t forget who the warden is. Sounds like a plan!

Mike calls one of his famous family meetings. Actually, this is his first one. He’s setting down some rules for the home. There will be no more hanging of bras in the bathroom like Christmas ornaments. Also, Mandy’s curfew is being adjusted to the point where she’ll miss Cirque du Soliel. Finally, Mike doesn’t want any shenanigans under his roof. The warden has spoken.

Kristin knows the “shenanigans” rule is directed at her, so she says she’s moving out. This has Mandy sampling paint swatches in her room. As for Kristin, she heads over to Kyle’s place. Mike’s still made at the guy, but he really has no reason to be upset. Nothing happened. Kyle says, “I would never disrespect you or your daughter or your home. You should know that by now.” Kyle later adds that he’s in love with Kristin, which is nice

Mike pops by the diner to make amends with Kristin. He loves the raisins in the apple pie she serves him. At least, he thought they were raisins. Anyway, Mike and his daughter come to terms on some house rules they can both live with. Kristin is coming home. Looks like Mandy won’t need those paint swatches after all!

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