Video: The Top 5 Moments of Last Man Standing Season 3

By Mike Krolak | Apr 19th, 2014

Greetings, Outdoor Men and Women... and also any other folks who love Last Man Standing! The Season 3 finale is already upon us -- FRIDAY APRIL 25 8|7c. We know, we know… summer without Mike Baxter is like the coldest winter in Antarctica, but don’t fret, because we’ve got plenty of video clips to keep you occupied. For now, in honor of another great year of Last Man Standing, here are our favorite moments from Season 3.

5. Mike & Chuck’s Dog Dispute

Mike gets a couple of surprises in this clip: Muffin knocked up Chuck’s prized German Shepherd, and that Muffin is a male!


4. Ed’s Alter Ego

We love Ed. But we might love Troy Fontaine even more.


3. A Nation of Confident Idiots

We’re #1 in self-esteem… and slipping everywhere else. One of Mike’s finest rants, especially if you often find yourself muttering, “Kids these days…” as much as we do.


2. Renaming Boyd’s School

What could be awkward about defending a slave owner to your only black neighbors? Chuck Larabee never fails to crack us up.


1. Duck Dynasty at Outdoor Man

From lady beards to jackassalopes, Willie and Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty stop by Outdoor Man to bust Mike and Kyle’s chops.