"Home Improvement" Reunion

By Sharon Knolle | Jan 12th, 2015

When Mike (Tim Allen) goes to confront a noisy neighbor in the "Helen Potts" episode of Last Man Standing, the Home Improvement references fly fast and furious and not just because Helen is played by Patricia Richardson. "You do look vaguely familiar," Helen tells Mike. "Do you like tools?" "Not as much as I used to," he smiles. There are even Home Improvement style animated edits between scenes and Chuck (Jonathan Adams) does a Wilson impersonation with an over-the-fence conversation. In this clip, Helen tells Mike he reminds her of her husband... "if he really let himself go." Ouch!

Patricia Richardson Drops In|Patricia Richardson guest stars as a noisy neighbor.|Mike (Tim Allen) and a noisy, tool-loving neighbor (guest star Patricia Richardson from "Home Improvement") butt heads on Season 4 Episode 12 "Helen Potts" of Last Man Standing on ABC.

Vanessa (Nancy Travis) ends up befriending Helen, much to Mike's horror. A temporary truce goes just as wrong as Helen's attempt to fix Mike's kitchen sink.

Patricia Richardson Tries to Fix Mike's Sink|Home Improvement|Neighbor Helen Potts (guest star Patricia Richardson) has bonded with Vanessa (Nancy Travis) but is still on Mike's (Tim Allen) bad side. Trying to fix his kitchen sink doesn't help matters on Season 4 Episode 13 "Helen Potts" of Last Man Standing on ABC.


Vanessa is puzzled when Helen and Mike end up bonding. Turns out there's a very good reason why Mike has changed his mind about his prickly neighbor in this scene.

Mike Bonds With Patricia Richardson|Mike bonds with his noisy neighbor.|After learning more about his combative neighbor (guest star Patricia Richardson), Mike (Tim Allen) finds a way to be friends with her, to Vanessa's (Nancy Travis) confusion on Season 4 Episode 12 "Helen Potts" of Last Man Standing on ABC.


And there's one special guest at the very end of the episode: Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who previously guested in Season 3 as Kristin's boss.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas on Last Man Standing|JTT hosts his former dad.|Guest star Jonathan Taylor Thomas reprises his role as Kristin's boss -- hosting the Baxters at his restaurant and denying Mandy booze.


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