MINI-BINGE: Catch Up on the First Episodes of the Season!

By Jason Leung | Oct 25th, 2014

Need to catch up on Season 4 of Last Man Standing? The first episodes of the new season are available to watch, so now you can how Mike handles Eve making the football team, Vanessa modeling Mandy's clothes and more!

The first four episodes are available for all to watch (no sign-in required!) through the end of FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2014. Visit the Last Man Standing episode guide to start watching now! Here's a rundown of what you can see.

WATCH NOW: Episode 1 - Here's the Kicker »
Mike (Tim Allen) is ecstatic when Eve (Kaitlyn Dever) is picked to be her high school’s first female kicker. But Vanessa (Nancy Travis) feels high school football could be risky for their youngest daughter. Meanwhile, Eve wonders if her boyfriend, Justin, is more envious instead of enthusiastic about her achievement.

Preview "Here's the Kicker":

WATCH NOW: Episode 2 - War Games »
When Boyd (Flynn Morrison) gets sent home early from a birthday party for starting a game of “war,” Ryan (Jordan Masterson) insists Mike (Tim Allen) stop exposing his son to action movies and video games. Meanwhile, Vanessa (Nancy Travis) hopes budding fashion designer, Mandy (Molly Ephraim), can help her look awesome when she meets with her still hot-looking college roommates.

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WATCH NOW: Episode 3 - Rediscover America »
The longtime friendship between Mike (Tim Allen) and Ed (Hector Elizondo) is challenged when Ed’s pushy girlfriend, Wendi (guest star Joely Fisher), thinks Outdoor Man store owner Ed and not Mike should be the face of the sporting goods store. Meanwhile, Eve (Kaitlyn Dever) feels the pressure of being labeled her high school football team’s “female” kicker.

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WATCH NOW: Episode 4 - Sinkhole »
When Mike (Tim Allen) and Boyd (Flynn Morrison) narrowly miss a sinkhole on the interstate, Boyd becomes petrified of leaving the house. Matters get more complicated when Mike and Ryan (Jordan Masterson) have different opinions on how best to ease Boyd’s fears.

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VERIFY TO WATCH: Episode 5 - School Merger »
Available for All to Watch on Friday, November 8, 2014
Mike (Tim Allen) and Chuck (Jonathan Adams) debate the merits of a local ballot measure merging their upscale neighborhood high school with one in the inner city. For Halloween, Ryan (Jordan Masterson) dresses up Boyd (Flynn Morrison) as a lump of coal – another reminder to Vanessa (Nancy Travis) how her job as a geologist may be hurting the environment.

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