S1 E03 Sirens Motorcycle Club to Lead Pride March in NYC

06/13/19 | NR | CC

The Sirens Women's Motorcycle Club of New York City has been leading the Pride March since 1986.The club was founded in 1986 by Cheryl Stewart, as a way to give women riders a place to not only ride, but to feel respected and included. Sirens' founding members placed an ad in the Village Voice and held the first meeting in a living room over 25 years ago. Sirens is the oldest and largest women's motorcycle club in New York City. A handful of the original members rode in New York City's Pride March for the first time in June of 1986.The following year 25-30 Sirens organized and negotiated with HOP to lead the Pride March in 1987 and have been leading it ever since. The Sirens have been joined in the Pride March over the years by independent riders and clubs from near and far.

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