S1 E72 NYC Comic Shop Allows Kids to Create Their Own Comics

02:38 | 08/30/19 | NR | CC

Kids accustomed to marveling at their favorite comics can now be the creators of their own superheroes at Loot Comic Shop in Brooklyn. Founder Joe Einhorn, the brainchild of this idea, wanted to form a space where children could be introduced to the world of comics. "We were nostalgic for a time when you used to be able to go down the block and buy a comic at the bodega for like a couple bucks," said Marisol Reed, manager of Loot Comic Shop. With a library of over 3,000 comics that can be either bought or borrowed, the Carroll Gardens shop allows enthusiasts to gain inspiration by reading and creating their own comic books. Kids are able to borrow comics one at a time for $30 a month or buy a comic for $5.

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