S1 E77 This App Designs Unbreakable 3D Printed Glasses for Kids

02:29 | 09/11/19 | NR | CC

1 out of 4 children will need glasses before age 18, which translates to 18.5 million kids in the US who currently need prescription glasses. Despite this growing number, many of these children are not outfitted with well-fitting eyewear, limiting the benefits their glasses are meant to provide. As a mother of three, Heidi knows firsthand the challenges associated with vision care for children and at times the discouraging experience parents and kids can have in the optical world. We caught up with Heidi at PiccoliNY, a children's gift shop located in Nolita. The store is the perfect one-stop-shop for those in search of adorable children's apparel, unique and imaginative toys, and buzzy books.

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