S1 E01 Flor De Toloache: New York's Only All-Female Mariachi Band

02:50 | 09/26/19 | NR | CC

In a townhouse basement, surrounded by instruments and recording equipment, a violin, a guitar, and two hauntingly beautiful voices sing a serenade. The song, Indestructíble, Spanish for indestructible, couldn't be a more apt description for the women singing it, Shae Fiol and Mireya Ramos, co-founders of Flor De Toloache, New York's first and only all-female mariachi band. Ramos comes by her mariachi obsession honestly - her father was a singer of this traditional Mexican music style when she was growing up. But Ramos felt that, when she joined male mariachi bands, her ideas were stifled due to her gender.

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