S1 E67 Man Travels World Giving High-Fives After 9/11 Tragedy

03:46 | 04/26/19 | NR | CC

Growing up in Philadelphia, Sylvester found the brother he always wanted in Kevin Bowers, a childhood mentor. Bowers worked as an IT engineer in the World Trade Center and tragically lost his life in the September 11th attacks."I decided to ride my bike across the United States to process everything," Sylvester says. "What I found was people wanted a connection. People wanted a hug. People wanted a high five. People wanted to talk."Sylvester was hooked on hugs and high fives. He rode his bike the length of Africa, then Asia, Australia, and twice more across the U.S.He traveled to 37 countries and all 50 states hugging, high-fiving and connecting with as many people as he could along the way.

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