S1 E02 Bridge and Tunnel

01/06/15 | PG | CC

Peggy politely declines an offer from her waitress pal, Angie, to become her new neighbor. One gets the sense she does so to protect her friend from danger. She’s convinced by Jarvis to temporarily stay at Howard Stark’s house. It’s a place the millionaire playboy uses for private entertaining. Peggy brushes off Jarvis’s request to help her hunt for a milk truck filled with experimental nitramene at the Daisy Clover Dairy headquarters. She poses as a health inspector to do some digging. She gets the name of the driver of a missing truck. Peggy is looking for someone named Sheldon McFee.

Chief Dooley and Jack Thompson gaze at the imploded mess that was once the Roxxon chemical refinery. They pay a visit to the company’s CEO, Hugh Jones, who brings up Howard Stark’s work with vita-radiation. Back at the office, Agent Sousa has received photos of the blonde who was seen with Spider Raymond at his club. Peggy’s effort to sneak a peek to see if she’s recognizable is thwarted by a phone call from the chief. She’s summoned to help determine if any of the ladies of Rexxon were exposed to vita-rays. The theory is the implosion could have been the result of an inside job.

During the screenings for vita-ray contamination, Peggy recognizes the scientist she saw at the refinery with Leet Brannis. His name is Van Ert. Peggy manages to single-handedly foil his attempt to flee. She’s later asked to take off while Van Ert is brutally interrogated by Thompson. Elsewhere, the man in the green suit is on the hunt for Leet Brannis, the thief who stole the experimental nitramene. After interrogating and killing a local mob boss, he follows a lead on a buyer. A ledger Green Suit swiped from Spider Raymond has the address of Gino Delucia inside. Another killer interrogation provides the info he needs.

Peggy is only slightly ahead of all those in pursuit of runaway milk truck driver Sheldon McFee. Her fellow agents and the man in the green suit are also on their way to his house in Cedar Grove. McFee is inside listening to the Captain America-themed radio program that Peggy can’t stand. A brutal fight takes place. McFee is neutralized and Leet Brannis is caught trying to steal the milk truck thanks to some help from Jarvis. Peggy, Jarvis and Brannis hit the road. The man in the green suit joins them by leaping onto the milk truck’s roof.

Back near the house, Dooley and Thompson pick up a fleeing Sheldon McFee. On the road, Peggy does battle with Green Suit atop the truck. BANG! BANG! A gunshot-wounded Brannis is grabbed by Jarvis. Peggy pulls them onto the road as the milk truck careens off a cliff into water below. BOOM! A massive explosion rocks the night. Brannis is a dying mess. He draws a symbol of a heart bisected by a line in the dirt before his lights go out completely. Peggy and Jarvis exit the scene before Dooley and Thompson arrive to discover a woman’s footprints. Agent Sousa finds a hotel key that fell out of Green Suit’s pocket during his fight with Peggy.

Jarvis stitches up a wounded Peggy, who doesn’t allow herself to get close to anyone. Jarvis reminds her that she can’t carry the world on her shoulders alone. No one can. This mini-pep talk has Peggy allowing Jarvis to continue his patch-up work. It also has her reconsidering Angie’s offer to be her neighbor at the Griffith Hotel. Back at work, Peggy is relieved that there was no clear photo of her in that blonde wig at the club. She dodged a bullet. She has no idea, however, that Agent Krzeminski just found the license plate of the Stark car Peggy was using in the Rexxon implosion debris.


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