S1 E04 The Blitzkrieg Button

01/27/15 | PG | CC

Jarvis is in the middle of a shakedown by some thugs he’s dealing with regarding a smuggled package. The bad guys want more cash than originally agreed upon. They have plenty of backup right up until the moment Peggy Carter springs into action. One by one, she takes down the hired guns. The smuggled package Peggy and Jarvis retrieve is none other than millionaire playboy Howard Stark.

Peggy lets Howard know that the SSR blames him for the murder of one of its own. There only one place she can think of where he can remain hidden and safe: The Griffith. Howard quickly makes himself at home with the girl next door. He later shows Peggy one of his inventions—a camera pen.

Chief Dooley heads off to Germany in pursuit of a Nazi colonel named Mueller who is scheduled to be executed. While the Chief is away, Thompson is in charge. That means Peggy is taking lunch orders. She makes use of Howard’s camera pen taking shots in the SSR lab where Stark’s inventions are being kept. Peggy needs to get one of them back. It’s called the Blitzkrieg Button. It can take out the electrical grid for all of New York and beyond.

Agent Sousa investigates a lead down by the docks. He encounters an angry drifter named Frank. The guy is a veteran who doesn’t talk to cops. That doesn’t stop Sousa from believing he saw something. Thompson barges in on the interrogation to get Frank to spill the details that he saw a man and a woman at the crime scene. They can’t be identified though. Sousa tests how the blonde female suspect in the photo they have would look with dark hair.

Chief Dooley meets with Colonel Mueller in Nuremburg Prison. He offers to help him escape in exchange for information. And by escape, he means he’ll provide him with a cyanide pill. Mueller talks about a battle that never took place. There was a massacre of Russian bodies that were found before the Germans ever got there. Dooley turns over the cyanide pill to the colonel, who will have fresh breath when they hang him thanks to the harmless mint he just received.

Peggy breaks into the SSR lab to find Howard Stark’s invention. Following her instincts, she nervously presses the button on the device. There’s no power failure when she does this, for the only thing inside is a vial. Peggy demands to know what’s in it. Howard eventually confesses that it’s the blood of Steve Rogers. This revelation earns the millionaire a swift punch in the mouth.

The thugs that Peggy took down earlier work for Otto Mink, who shoots dead the men who failed to bring him his smuggling money. He watches Peggy’s place as she enters the Griffith. Mink delivers flowers to the front desk. Upstairs, Howard apologizes for lying to Peggy. He believes that Captain America’s blood holds the key to so many things that will save many lives.

Howard’s explanation doesn’t stop Peggy from being furious at her houseguest’s questionable ways. She’s also ticked at Jarvis, who tells his boss that the way they’ve treated Peggy stinks. Howard digests this as the man sitting next to him, who looks a lot like Stan Lee, asks him for the sports page from the paper he’s reading. As for Peggy, she hides the vial inside her apartment wall behind a painting.

Otto Mink sneaks into the Griffith. He orders bubbly Dottie Underwood, who we first met in “Time and Tide,” to go back into the room. He’s startled when she recognizes that his gun is an automatic. Mink has no time to react when Dottie springs into action with some high-flying moves that quickly neutralize the intruder. She later kills a fellow Griffith resident while maintaining her cheery façade to another.

Chief Dooley returns from his Europe trip. Thompson reveals that Howard Stark flew into the European airfield one day after the supposed battle took place. This has the smell of a conspiracy. While alone in the office, Dooley sees the typing machine they confiscated kick into action with an incoming message. Just what that message is remains to be seen.


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