S1 E06 A Sin to Err

02/10/15 | TV-PG | CC

Dr. Ivchenko, the prisoner who was rescued in “The Iron Ceiling,” tells the horrific tale of how he and others were recruited by Leviathan in 1944 Russia. You could not decline membership to this club. Peggy asks about the girls who were trained at the boarding school. She believes that one of them grew up to kill Agent Krzeminski. Much to Peggy’s surprise, Chief Dooley gives her permission to follow up on her hunch.

Peggy asks Jarvis to get her a list of all the ladies Howard Stark has entertained over the past six months. She learns that he gives a swell bracelet to all his women. A process of elimination begins from the jeweler’s client list. Despite Jarvis’s suspicions, Ginger Rogers is ruled out as a suspect. Peggy goes on the hunt for a specific one of Stark’s women—someone with scars on her wrists from being handcuffed. Jarvis endures slaps and kicks from many of the scorned women who don’t pan out.

Dottie sets up shop in an office across the street from the SSR offices after brutally disposing of the sleazy dentist who worked there. Across the street, Dr. Ivchenko deduces that Dooley is having problems with his marriage. He gazes out the window of the chief’s office. Dottie has the doc lined up in the scope of her rifle. She’s not going to shoot him though. She instead sends him a message via flashing lights. Dr. Ivchenko covertly responds. His orders for Dottie are to give him more time to find the item and to kill Peggy Carter.

Thompson blows off Agent Yauch’s concern about the chief spending too much time with the Russian doc. Inside Dooley’s office, Ivchenko attempts to unleash a hypnotic trick. Dooley snaps out of it when Sousa interrupts. There’s a pressing issue. Sousa chatted with Sheldon McFee, the milk truck driver who was caught transporting explosives in “Bridge and Tunnel.” The guy identified Peggy as the person who beat him up.

A woman named Ida left a cleaned-out apartment with a bed that indicates handcuffs were used on the post. Peggy believes she’s the one they are looking for. She meets up with Jarvis to touch base. While doing so, she notices that she’s being surrounded by SSR agents. Peggy goes into full takedown mode to make an escape. Unfortunately, Thompson is waiting outside for her. Peggy has no choice but to take him down, too. Sousa shows up moments later, but he can’t shoot her. Later, Chief Dooley brands Peggy Carter a fugitive.

Dr. Ivachenko uses his time with Agent Yauch, who is ordered to babysit him, to manipulate him. He employs the hypnotic trick he tried to pull on Dooley earlier. This time is works. Ivachenko gets the agent to tell him where Howard Stark’s inventions are being kept. He learns all the exit routes. Once the doc gets the information he seeks, he convinces Yauch to leave the office, have a drink and step into the path of a moving vehicle. BAM! Agent Yauch is no more.

Peggy races to her apartment. She’s looking to retrieve Steve Rogers’s blood. Thompson, Sousa and a team of agents are in hot pursuit. Peggy steps out onto the building’s ledge to avoid capture. She carefully edges her way over to the next apartment. Angie covers for her by breaking down in tears over the thought of her grandmother. It’s all an act, and it works to perfection. The SSR agents vacate the apartment.

Angie had mentioned plans to give up acting earlier. She’s reconsidering all that now. Angie helps Peggy in off the ledge. She knew she didn’t work at the phone company. She looks forward to learning what all this is about someday. Until then, she bids adieu to her friend. Peggy gives Angie a goodbye hug. She steps into the hall where another familiar face awaits.

Dottie steps up to Peggy. She plants an unexpected kiss on her. Peggy becomes woozy after this tainted smooch. She realizes that this girl from Iowa is not who she seems just before falling unconscious. Dottie pulls out a switchblade. Before she can act, the SSR arrives. They arrest Peggy. They have questions for her. Chief Dooley instructs Thompson and Sousa to not go easy on her just because she's a girl.

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