02/17/15 | TV-PG | CC

In 1943 Russia, Dr. Ivchenko used his mind games for good as evidenced by how he helped save a young soldier’s life. Three years later, the once-good doctor watches as Peggy Carter is interrogated by Agent Sousa. The story that there’s a mastermind pulling the strings of a female assassin doesn’t really fly. The SSR agents turn up the heat. Thompson wants Peggy to give up Howard Stark. That’s not going to happen. Peggy forcefully informs them that the person they should be after is Dottie Underwood.

Jarvis steps into the SSR offices looking for Chief Dooley. He claims to have a signed confession from Howard Stark. It’s part of an attempt to free Peggy, who is promptly terminated from the SSR. Jarvis admits that the confession wasn’t actually written by his boss. He panicked and wrote the thing himself. Not good. Elsewhere, Chief Dooley attempts to make amends with his wife. Dr. Ivchenko is in the office when he makes this phone call. Dooley doesn’t see him sending a message to Dottie. However, Peggy does. She now knows that Leviathan is coming.

Peggy admits that the confession is a fake. She comes clean in order to get her former colleagues to believe that Dr. Ivchenko is one of the bad guys. She spills the details of the last remaining sample of Steve Rogers’ blood. Thompson and Sousa believe Peggy’s story. Dooley isn’t sold. He sends a team over to check out the building across the street. He then becomes a victim to the evil doc’s mind games. Dooley locks Peggy and Jarvis in the interrogation room at gunpoint.

Dottie spent the early part of the day shopping for a baby carriage. Once back at her hideout, she catches sight of Sousa doing a search of the premises. Dottie gets the drop on him. Sousa fires his gun, but misses his target. Thompson closes in on the suspect. Dottie looks to be trapped. She’s not. Dottie bounds down the stairwell at top speed via the bannisters. She’s met at the bottom by SSR Agent Corcoran, who is found dead moments later by Thompson.

Dooley shuts down the SSR research lab clearing out all the scientists. Once everyone is gone, Ivchenko tricks him into finding one of Howard Stark’s inventions. He hands him a special vest while warning him to focus. Dr. Ivchenko steps out to the street where Dottie is waiting for him. He assures her that the SSR will be far too busy with what’s coming their way to worry about their escape.

Peggy and Jarvis smash through the window of the locked interrogation room. Of course, escape is still impossible seeing as how they are handcuffed to a table. When Thompson arrives, Peggy demands to know the whereabouts of his boss. Chief Dooley appears to have gone home. He admits to his wife that he screwed up. He just wants to come home now. His wife welcomes him with open arms. Unfortunately, none of this is real. Chief Dooley is actually in his office wearing the vest Ivchenko gave him. Jarvis explains that it’s a prototype for a new system of armor. It overheats with explosive results.

The lead scientist from the lab has no idea what to do about the armor. Chief Dooley’s skin is being seared as the device heats up. He knows what he needs to do. He swipes Thompson’s gun. He asks him to tell his wife that he’s sorry he missed dinner. He makes Peggy promise him they will get the people who did this. Chief Dooley turns the gun on the window. He fires and runs toward it. Dooley leaps through the opening. BOOM! The armor explodes in the air. There’s severe damage to the SSR offices, but thanks to the heroic act of Chief Dooley, the only life that’s lost is his own.

Peggy fears that Ivchenko has stolen Captain America’s blood. He hasn’t. Instead, he’s taken a mystery item. No one knows what it does. Elsewhere, Dottie brings the baby carriage she purchased earlier into a movie theater. She sets off the container that rests inside it to emit some kind of gas. The main door is sealed by Ivchenko as he and Dottie make a hasty exit. Inside the theater, the moviegoers begin coughing. Then they become violent. A brutal melee breaks out. By the time someone arrives to open the theater doors, it’s too late. The lifeless bodies of every single moviegoer are in the aisle in a horrifying, bloody scene.

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