Marvel’s Agent Carter Season Premiere Date Announced

By Mike Krolak | Nov 30th, 2015


The Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 2 premiere date has been announced! Tune in TUESDAY JAN 19 9|8c to watch Peggy Carter's triumphant return in a special 2-hour premiere event that brings Peggy to Los Angeles.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will have a mid-season break after the Season 3 finale on DEC 8 9|8c, and starting in January, Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 will fill that hole in your action-packed-TV-watching life. (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will return for the rest of Season 3 on TUESDAY MARCH 8 9|8c.)

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Season 1 ended with a lot of action. Peggy had a big final slugfest with Dottie Underwood:

Peggy Fights Dottie|Carter finally faces off against her enemy.|Carter finally faces off against her enemy. From the Marvel's Agent Carter season finale, "Valediction."


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And though Dottie escaped, the immediate threat from her and Dr. Ivchenko is extinguished once the doctor is arrested. Peggy also said her final goodbye to Captain America: 

Peggy's Final Goodbye to Captain America|Jarvis gives Peggy the last sample of Steve's blood.|Jarvis gives Peggy the last sample of Steve's blood. From the Marvel's Agent Carter season finale, "Valediction."


So where will Season 2 take us (other than Los Angeles, of course). Tune in to the season 2 premiere of Marvel's Agent Carter TUESDAY JAN 19 9|8c.


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