S1 E10 The Bridge

12/10/13 | TV-PG | CC

Three soldiers, actually they are more like “super soldiers,” crash through the cafeteria roof at Havenworth Federal Penitentiary. With their incredible strength, they are able to overcome any and all prison guards. They are there for one man: Edison Po. The soldiers have the Centipede device on their bodies. As for Po, he’s a former marine who also a calm, cold-blooded killer. Coulson lets the team know they will be getting support from someone who can help them fight fire with fire. His name: Mike Peterson. He happens to be the individual they did battle with in the “Pilot.” Couslon lets Mike know it’s time for him to suit up.

Fitz and a gushing Simmons do some testing on Mike, who lets them know that the weapon they created stabilized the serum inside him. They saved his life. Skye learns that Po was visited in prison by the “Girl in the Flower Dress.” They can see video of their conversation. Po said, “The Clairvoyant does not like to be touched.” Mike says the mystery lady is Raina. She’s the one who recruited him for Centipede. Po likely serves as the strategist for the soldiers she brings in.

Raina visits with Po once again. She’s asking for the Clairvoyant to help in finding the key to Stage 3. Their soldiers are completely drained after every mission. They need regular injections and constant upkeep. This is difficult to achieve when S.H.I.E.L.D. has them always on the run. Po suggests that it’s time to stop running.

One of the soldiers who broke Po out of prison is Brian Hayward. Coulson drives Ward to the University of Ohio to question the guy’s sister. During the trip, he opens up about a cellist he once knew. He had to keep his distance from this special lady after his death was exploited for the Battle of New York. When they arrive at the college, Ward poses as a state lottery official trying to convince Hayward’s sis that her brother has won $50,000. Laura Hayward says she hasn’t spoken with Brian since he got back for Afghanistan. That’s a lie. The team soon learns that Brian Hayward is in Oakland.

Mike is given a slick suit for work in the field. The team tracks Brian Hayward’s cell phone to an abandoned factory. It’s likely Centipede’s new lab. The three super soldiers are waiting for the team when they arrive. Coulson shoots Hayward with a blue dendrotoxin that quickly moves though his veins, stops and dissipates. Soon the soldier is back to full fighting strength. The team is trouble, but they are able to take down Hayward.

Coulson demands to know who is behind Centipede. Hayward swears he won’t say anything, but he’s not addressing Coulson when he says this. He suddenly goes limp. His eyes are askew and bloodshot as smoke emits. Hayward is dead. This is the same type of phenomenon first seen in “Eye Spy.” Hayward was being controlled. Po lets Raina know that he spoke with the Clairvoyant. He also says she can never learn what the Clairvoyant is like, but he did speak at length about her many virtues.

Skye thanks May for looking into the identity of her parents. In truth, she and Coulson agreed to not reveal everything they know. May tells Skye that if she can’t put aside her personal attachments then she shouldn’t be on the team. She reveals that Coulson doesn’t want her to know the truth. This is just after she had let Ward know that they need to remain professional out in the field. As for Skye, she rips up the research she’s been doing before breaking down in tears. Coulson witnesses this, but doesn’t approach her.

Coulson wonders why Mike hasn’t seen his son since that day at Union Station. There’s a good reason for that. The last time Mike’s son saw him he was a monster. He thinks he may be better off without him. Coulson doesn’t believe that’s true. He wants him to think about his boy before choosing the life he wants to lead. This inspires Mike to call his son. He’s horrified to discover he’s not alone. Raina is there. She wants to trade Mike for his son, otherwise the boy is dead.

Fitz and Simmons will be able to track Mike using non-electronic means. At Mike’s request, Coulson is present at the exchange on a bridge. Ward has a rooftop position but no clear shot. Coulson learns that he’s the one Raina truly wants. Mike threatens to kill her, but she assures him that would only cause a more horrible fate for his boy. He has no choice but to let her go and Coulson has no choice but to surrender to Raina.

Once his son is safe, Mike goes after Raina. He wants to save Coulson. BOOM! The bridge explodes with Mike on it. A chopper rises from below. BANG! BANG! BANG! Gunshots fly. Agent Ward is down. As they fly off into the night, Raina lets Coulson know that what they want is simple. She wants him to tell her about the day after he died.

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