S1 E14 T.A.H.I.T.I.

03/04/14 | TV-PG | CC

Skye is rushed into surgery after being shot twice at close range. She’s in bad shape. The team is told they need to make a decision on whether or not she should be kept on life support. The doctor says her family should be called. Coulson lets her know that they are Skye’s family. Everyone is devastated. May takes her anger out on the person responsible for all this. She beats up Ian Quinn. Coulson orders her to stand down. He knows there are doctors out there who brought him back from the dead. He’s betting they can save Skye, too.

Coulson reveals how the doctors kept him alive for days. His heart was torn in half yet they managed to heal the damaged tissue. He orders Fitz and Simmons to read through his medical file to learn how. In the meantime, the team is flying to Bethesda to see doctors who can help. Coulson keeps Quinn in their custody. This violates a direct order. An air team surrounds the bus. They order the team to relinquish command. Agent John Garrett (guest star Bill Paxton) boards the bus. He and Coulson have a past. He’s joined by Agent Antoine Triplett, who knows Ward. Coulson realizes Garrett has also been chasing the elusive Ian Quinn.

Coulson reveals that Quinn pulled the trigger on Skye. This is enough to convince Garrett to interrogate the prisoner on the plane as they continue to Bethesda. The agreement puts a cease fire to the impromptu mixed martial arts bout Ward and Triplett stir up. Garrett asks about Cybertek and the Deathlok program. Quinn says the Clairvoyant can see everything except what happened to Coulson. That’s why he shot Skye. It’s forcing Coulson to figure out what happened to him. Too bad the Bethesda plan don’t pan out. It’s as if none of the medical facilities or personnel ever existed there.

Fitz and Simmons use an Echo Chamber to sift through a virtual library of all S.H.I.E.L.D. archives. They find evidence of a collapsed World War II bunker known as the Guest House. It had Level 10 access. The bus changes course for this new location which is not a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility. The team doesn’t know the countersign for entry, so those inside aren’t opening the door. The team breaks in as the guys inside suit up for battle. A massive gunfight ensues. Garrett shoots one hostile dead. The other is injured. With both guards down, there’s a failsafe that will cause the entire building to blow.

Coulson searches for the GH-325 drug for Skye, who is seizing back on the bus. He finds the room where he was once kept. He also finds the drug as well as a room labeled T.A.H.I.T.I. With only a few minutes left before the compound explodes, Garrett finds Coulson, who warns that the drug shouldn’t be given to Skye. By the time they get back on the bus, it’s too late. Simmons has already made the injection. Skye stabilizes. Triplett is impressed with Simmons. He calls her a real miracle worker.

Garrett lets Quinn know that the Clairvoyant left him hung out to dry. He bids adieu to the team as he and Triplett take the prisoner away. Later, May wants to know why they shouldn’t have used the drug on Skye. When his was in the Guest House, Coulson saw a hairless, eyeless, dead, blue man suspended in a cylinder. He tells May that he was worried that Skye would suffer the way he did. But she didn’t. For whatever reason, she didn’t.

In Death Valley, California, a woman walks up to a hotel in the middle of a desert. She takes a bottle of water from a newly-married man. This mystery woman seems to be from a different world. She asks the newlywed if he prefers his bride over her. The man, Jimmy, answers yes at first, but then speeds off with her leaving his wife behind. He tells the mystery woman in the passenger’s seat that he will protect her and keep her safe even though he doesn’t know her name. It’s Lorelei. Her name is Lorelei.

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