S1 E18 Providence

04/15/14 | TV-PG | CC

Raina, the woman first seen in “Girl in the Flower Dress,” is surprised when Ward shows up in her prison cell with a gift from the Clairvoyant. Fittingly, it’s a brand new flower dress. Rayna is honored to meet the Clairvoyant, but disappointed to learn that Agent John Garrett actually has no special powers. Nevertheless, their mission to change the world is still in play. The girl in the flower dress is officially welcomed to Hydra.

The current list of secure S.H.I.E.L.D. bases is down to three. Coulson’s hope relies heavily on the fact that his team is still intact. A fourth base, the Cube, is retaken after all Hydra agents are flushed out. U.S. Air Force Colonel Glenn Talbot (guest star Adrian Pasdar) wants to send in a peacekeeping force to take control of the situation. Coulson doesn’t buy it. He enacts Odyssey protocol. In short, that means they need to get out of there pronto. Coulson isn’t going to allow Agent Triplett to join them until Simmons convinces him to reconsider.

Coulson orders Skye to erase all records of the team’s existence. They are to become ghosts. They need to land somewhere, anywhere within four hours, as the fuel line on the bus is leaking. Skye calls Ward to give him the 411 on what’s happening with the team. She has no idea her hero is loyal to Hydra, an organization that’s looking to restart the Centipede project. Ward turns over a hard drive with all of Simmons’s research to Raina. Then he’s off with Garrett to raid the Fridge.

Coordinates suddenly light up on Coulson’s badge. There’s only one person who could have sent them. Coulson believes Director Fury is alive. The coordinates he sent are for somewhere in the Canadian wilderness. Coulson refuses to believe May’s theory that this could be a trick. He demands to know who was in charge of the Tahiti project. May doesn’t know. She’s ordered out of his office. A short time later, the bus lands in frigid Canada. Coulson and his team head out into the wilderness with no idea what awaits them.

Ward bluffs his way into the Fridge. He coldly kills the two guards who opened the door. Ward and Garrett break into a secure room that holds items that were part of the Slingshot program. It’s how S.H.I.E.L.D. gets rid of its dangerous technology. It’s also a fake. All that technology is in this room Hydra agents are raiding. The plasma particle beam that was found in Peru is one of the toys there. Ward uses it to blast into a basement area to retrieve a secret that Coulson confided was down there.

Coulson rants that the coordinates on his badge mean something as his skeptical team looks on. He throws his badge in the air in frustration. This triggers an automated gun to start firing. It takes aim at Coulson, who steps directly into its path. He has faith that this Fury reaching out to him. His faith is rewarded. A secret cave door opens. The team heads inside where Agent Eric Koenig (guest star Patton Oswalt) lets them know that they have arrived at a secret base known as Providence.

Agent Koenig says Agent Fury did not make it out of DC. He reveals that the Fridge has fallen. This has Skye making a panicked call to Ward. He’s okay. So is Director Fury for that matter. Koenig lets Coulson in on this secret once they are alone. No one else can know.

Back at the Fridge, Garrett is relieved to hear that Fury is confirmed dead. The hard drive Skye gave Ward has a failsafe. Only she can access it. That means he has to get her to do so by any means necessary. A short time later, Ward shows up at Providence where his unsuspecting team has been expecting him.

Garrett breaks an angry Ian Quinn out of prison. He has a special gift for him. It’s not a flower dress. It’s his gravitonium. That’s what was hidden below the bottom floor of the Fridge.

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